hogod nip slip (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Tattooed Yeoljong
regarding infinite’s fancafe rules


i’m not sure if a lot of you know or not, but infinite’s official fancafe does not allow editing photos from the fancafe nor do they allow taking anything from the cafe out. 

for those of you that have access to the updates, as mean and selfish as this sounds, please just look at them yourselves… there’s really no need to upload them. i mean getting into the fancafe is hard enough so just think of it as a reward. 

and to those that are editing/reblogging them, please please please resist the urge to. and if you can, please send them a friendly message, kindly explaining as to why they shouldn’t and ask them to take it down~ 

before, we were able to take a few things out from the cafe but now it’s gone straight to nothing at all. and if this continues, we might not even have access to it period. 

honestly, it’s not that hard guys.. it’s a simple rule we can all follow and can look back and thank later. 

(via ffuckgyu)

*if taking out, please put a proper credit