infinite 234/365 ∞ woohyun 34/52
Dear Sungyeol,
Today you became 24 years old. The moment I post this I am no longer in the place I usually am, you see I am where I wanted to be, spending my last days as a teenager. in London. I didn’t realise I would be here when it is your birthday and I also didn’t realise why this city kind of feels like fate. Because London is the city where I got my heart broken but also the city I fell in love. With you. exactly 9 months ago I was cramped between thousand of other fans and I got your gaze for a split second. That moment was captured and I couldn’t have possible wished for more. But it did. 
Last year really wasn’t that fun but just looking at you as my wallpaper or let my imagination run free made me so much happier. I am not as delusional as people think I am. You will never be mine and that is okay. Why does being in love one sided have to be a bad thing? Can’t I just be happy I fell in love with your smile? With the scar under your eyes? With your hysterical laugh? With your big hands and flat butt? With your pranks and with your genius remarks? Loving you never felt as a bad thing. 
You helped me in more ways than I ever could name. And if I ever do meet you I am not going to confess my love for you but I am going to thank you. Thank you for being alive. Thank your for being a part of Infinite and thank you for pushing through because more than anyone. You showed me that with hard work and a big smile you can achieve so much more than I ever thought. Making me wonder what I would be like if I did too. 
Happy Birthday Lee Sungyeol. Please stay Sungyeol and I will promise I will become a better Laura.